Annual Waterworks Information
Annual waterworks information report that is required by September 1st
Year: 2012
Village of Borden
September 1, 2013

Water Works Rate Policy

On July 9, 2012 the Council of the Village of Borden enacted Bylaw #2 of 2012 to fix the rates to be charged for the use and consumption of water and to fix the rated to be charged by way of of rent and for the use of the sewer.
Under this waterworks rate policy bylaw, the water rate is $30.00 a month for $2,500 gallons. and $1.10 per 1000 gallon in excess of 7,500.00 gallon charged every three months. The sewer rate to be charged will be $20.00 per connection.
Bylaw 2 of 2012 also enacted a charge of $45.00 per meter per month Infrastructure Charge that was imposed on the first day of September 2011. This infrastructure charge shall be used only for debt repayment that was borrowed to finance the new Water Treatment Project.
Waterworks Capital Investment Strategy

The Village of Borden completed the Water Treatment Project in March of 2012.
Information on Capital Works:
The reverse osmosis water system is complete and being used by the residents of the Village of Borden.
The Village of Borden 1/3 portion of the project was $775,000.00 which was financed by long term borrowing thru the Royal Bank of Canada payable over 20 years @ 4.49%. Bylaw 2 of 2012 further provides that the source of money to be used to pay the principal and interest owing under this bylaw be derived from the infrastructure revenue.
Annual Waterworks Financial Overview

Information as required under the Municipalities Regulations:
2012 Waterworks Overview
Water Revenue: $49,629.00
Sewer Revenue: $33,393.00
Infrastructure Income: $67,815.00
Gas Tax Income: $13,646.00
Operating expenditures: $93740.000
Amortization: $13,129.00
Long Term Debt Interest: $ 33,539.00
Building Canada Fund: $110,194.00
Payment made every month to Royal Bank of Canada:         $4,905.00

We currently have $13,000.00 in reserves.
2013 budget included funds that were to be put in reserve Drinking Water Quality and Compliance for 2012 Information is available at the Village of Borden office which is now located in the R.M. of Great Bend Office.
Sandra M. Long, Assistant Administrator
Village of Borden
September 1, 2013