Electronic Banking

Internet banking is offered through Affinity Credit Union, you can find us in the list of vendors that are authorized to receive payments.  Your customer account number is: for taxes - your owner number located above your name on your tax notice, for utilities - your bill card number (add zeros at the start if more numbers are required),

The Village receives notice from your bank that a payment has been made.  Receipts for property tax payments will be mailed it to you.

Other payment options include cash, cheque, debit & e-transfers:
  • we accept post-dated cheques
  • by mail: Box 210 Borden, SK  S0K 0N0.
  • by email:
Office Services

All costs of services include the applicable taxes.
  • Commissioner of Oath service provided at no charge to the ratepayers during office hours
  • Tax Certificates - $20.00 each
  • Tax Statements - $10.00 each
  • Tax Information for Mortgages - $10.00

Building Permits
  • Under two-family dwellings $3.00/$1000 value of construction (includes 3 inspections, extra inspections at $125.00/inspection)
  • All other buildings $5.00/$1000 value of construction
  • Detached garages and/or workshops $300.00
  • Assessment information/field sheets/property profile sheets
  • Property owners are able to receive one copy of their property profile free of charge (SAMA's Access to Information Bylaw)
  • Property profiles provide to others for $15 per property