Assessment & Property Taxes
Property Assessment

The provincial government mandates SAMA (Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency) to conduct periodic revaluations of all Saskatchewan properties every four years to coincide with the change to a new base date. Provincial legislation requires municipalities to use these values when determining taxes.

Property Specific Assessment Information Online

In municipalities where SAMA provides assessment services the information for properties is available online for personal or non-commercial use. Visit SAMAView to access assessment information.

Revaluation 2013

Since the 2009 Revaluation, the province of Saskatchewan has experienced unprecedented economic growth, and the value of property in the province is no exception. The result of this active and strong real estate market will be significant increases to property assessments that will be reported in the 2013 Revaluation.
The current revaluation was completed in 2013 using the 2011 base year.
The next revaluation is to be done in 2017.
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Source: Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency,

Taxes & Assessment

Taxes are imposed on the first day of January in each year. For pre- payment of taxes the following discounts are allowed:
Payments received in January to September 5.0% discount, October 4.0%, November 2.0%.

To receive a discount for pre-payment, an estimate is calculated based on your previous years’ taxes.  NOTE: There no longer are discounts for the School portion of your taxes.

When taxes and penalties remain UNPAID AFTER DECEMBER 31st in the year in which they are imposed, they are deemed to be in arrears and are subject to a 12% penalty.

Base Tax (2013)
                                                               Land Land & Improvements

Agricultural                       $150.00                       $950.00

Residential $500.00 $1100.00

Commercial $500.00 $350.00

Mill Rates / Mill Rate Factors (2013)   Mill Rate                     Mill Rate Factor           


Agricultural 4.85 0.54
Residential 4.85  1.09
Commercial / Industrial 4.85    2.23


Residential 4.12
Commercial / Industrial 6.27
Property Tax Calculation Formula

Municipal:(Taxable Assessment x Mill Rate x Mill Rate Factor)/1000 + Base Tax

School:(Taxable Assessment x Mill Rate)/1000