Borden Housing Authority

Chyanne Werezak (306) 827-2229
Board Of Directors:
Mel Brooke: (306)-997-2094
Heather Schroeder: (306)-997-2052
Rhonda Funk: (306)-997-0099
Ivan Youchezin: (306)-997-4997 
Emiley Packet: (306)

Nominating Committee:
Prov. Rep:
Lorraine Olinyk: (306)-997-2159
Fed. Rep:
Isobel Tracksell: (306)-997-2217
Jamie Brandrick (306) 997-2222
Ian Wainwright: (306)-997-2165
Borden Housing Authority was established in 1983 to meet the need for low-income senior housing in the Village of Borden. Low cost housing is a joint venture between the Federal, Provincial and Local Governments.
A Board of Directors appointed by the Federal, Provincial and Local Governments governs the Borden Housing Authority. They are volunteers and therefore get no remuneration. The Board is recruited by the Nominating Committee and are in turn appointed by a provincial ministerial order.
The Board is responsible for ensuring efficient and fair administration of the properties and projects within their jurisdiction. Their main concern is general policy and control. They hire a Housing Manager to coordinate the day-to-day operation of the housing, are responsible for reviewing the tenant selection process and hire a Caretaker who is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the projects. Rent is based upon a percentage of income. Rent includes heating fuel,water, sewer and garbage collection.