Water & Sewer

Village of Borden Water Treatment Plant
Building Canada and Gas Tax funding:  $ 1.1M 
Project cost:  $ 1.9M

In 2009, the Village of Borden completed a new reverse osmosis water treatment plant to meet expected water demands. This project involved an additional treatment storage reservoir for plant and water distribution as well as additional distribution delivery improvements.

Water is charged by consumption:
 2,500 gallons or less:   $ 30.00 
 over 2,500 gallons:  $1.10/1,000 gallons or part thereof


 Residential Service  $ 20.00
 Garage Service  $ 20.00
 Post Office Service  $ 20.00
 Bank Service  $ 20.00
 Stores Service  $ 20.00
 Churches Sewer Service  $ 12.00
 Café Service (2 services)  $ 32.00
 Hotel Service (2 services)  $ 32.00
 Health Care Home (3 services)  $ 45.00
 Borden Wellness Centre (3 services)  $ 45.00
School Service:

 North West Meter (3 services)  $ 45.00
 South East Meter (3 services)  $ 45.00
 Infrastructure is a flat rate:  $ 45.00

Utilities are billed on a monthly basis. Actual water meter readings are taken three times per year (April, July & October).

During business hours bills can be paid cash, by debit or cheque. You can also mail your cheque. 

Overdue Accounts

Village of Borden utility statements are due within 30 days of date of issuance.  A 2% interest charge per month is added to outstanding accounts.  Services may be disconnected after 60 days.  A disconnection/connection fee of $100.00 will apply.