Garbage / Recycling / Organics

Garbage & Recycling Regulations
  • Carts must be at roadside by 7:00am on Wednesdays
  • All waste material must be bagged to avoid wind-blown litter.
  • Waste containers should be level full with lids closed.
  • NO disposal of construction material, sod, roofing, cement or other heavy materials allowed
  • Maximum weight per cart 22kg
  • DO NOT dispose of any hazardous material
  • Please return carts to a residence location after collection. For safety reasons, please do not leave at roadside
  • For information on what belongs into the blue bin, please check the Loraas website. 
  • Black garbage bins and blue recycling bins are collected on alternate Wednesdays
Lorass Disposal comes every Wednesday morning to pick up garbage black bins and recycle blue bins with alternating weeks. See our Calendar for the garbage/recycling schedule. For questions on what items can be recycled, please call (306) 242-2300 or visit their website: 
Loraas Organics

Our list of accepted materials is long, it includes: Fruit & Vegetables, Organic Yard Waste, Compostable Food Contaminated Fiber’s, Breads, Grains, & Pastas, Proteins & Bones, Solidified Dairy Products, and compostable plastics! We use the cedar grove standards for this, Cedar grove is a company out of Washington that has tested all compostable plastic products in their organics facility to see if they truly do compost and have posted those results for the public to use, and this is the facility ours is modelled after.

We’re looking for both Green & Brown Materials for this facility:

Green materials are nitrogen-abundant and carbon neutral. Meaning that if you let them sit for a few days they will begin to create odours. This video shows some prime examples of these materials. Fruits, Vegetables, Meats, Dairy, Floral waste etc. Generally if it’s in the produce section of the grocery store it’s going to be a green material.

Brown AKA Dry materials are high in carbon and act as a filter to absorb unpleasant odours. For example paper towels, newspaper, and wood chips.

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Loraas Recycling

Loraas Recycling programs are designed for household packaging and paper products. Items are collected using blue carts and sorted at our Materials Recovery Facility in Saskatoon. Your recyclables then are shipped within North America and made into new products.

For more information, click here and here


Not sure if it's recyclable or garbage?

Visit the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction recycling search engine to find out where to take items not accepted in Loraas’ recycling program including propane cylinders, Styrofoam, used oil, paint, light bulbs, and more!



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