Municipal Staff


Carly Hess – Administrator
Kendal Redhead - Public Works Coordinator

Responsibilities and Accountabilities of the Administrator

The Administrator of Borden is responsible to the Council for the execution of the Council's policy and administrative directives and for planning, organizing, coordinating, and managing the operation of Borden’s programs and services compatible with the applicable legislation and within the general parameters of the approved annual operational plan and budget.

The Administrator has a fiduciary obligation to the vision, values, goals, and preferences of the Council. He or she is the means by which the Council achieves its intents and purposes.

Although the Administrator bears ultimate responsibility for operating Borden according to the following principles, the staff will be performing many of the tasks required. The staff should therefore be made directly aware of these operating principles where relevant.

In summary, the Administrator shall:
  • Deal with staff in a humane, fair, and forthright manner;
  • Implement employment agreements
  • Maintain compensation and benefits for staff, reflective of the current market, and adhere to policies authorized by the Council;
  • Develop and operate with a detailed financial plan that discloses all fundamental assumptions;
  • Maintain financial conditions that do not incur fiscal jeopardy or compromise the mission;
  • Protect and adequately maintain assets;
  • Provide information to the Council that is timely, complete, and accurate;
  • Provide exceptional value and service to stakeholders and clients;
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations; and
  • Ensure that a risk management plan is in place and up-to-date.
Public Works and Maintenance
Brendon Parker
Matthew Nargang
Bylaw Enforcement
Saskatoon Commissionaries