Riverbend Fellowship

Riverbend Fellowship is an interactive, caring place that values discovery, dialogue and artistic expression  inspired by God’s Word, the Bible.
A greenhouse is a place of life and growth. We want to be a spiritual greenhouse. Our God is alive. Why should church be dead?
Come and join us at the Borden Community Center (303, 1st Ave.)
10:00 Bible Exploration Time (not from July 1 - September 1)
  • Adults in the Senior’s Room at the Borden Community Center (303 1st Ave)
  • Kids downstairs in the Norman Smith Room (Borden Community Center
Riverbend Fellowship logo
10:50 Worship Service For all ages
  • Children's church offered during worship service 
***Summer start times will be at 10 am and take place from July 1 to September 1.***
7:30 Care Groups- during the week at various homes 
3 pm - 4:30 Kids Adventure Clubs (October to April)
Located downstairs at the Borden Community Center (Norman Smith Room) 
No fees or registration required
Values and Beliefs
Pastor: Ron Mills 

Contact: 306-997-0020