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Heritage BookBorden was founded in 1905 and originally named Baltimore. It was later renamed by the Canadian National Railroad (CNR) in honor of Sir Frederick Borden, a Nova Scotia doctor and Minister of Militia in Sir Wilfred Laurier's Cabinet. The railway reached Borden in 1906 and the village was incorporated three years later. The first council consisted of Thomas Graviston, William Tallis, and Norman Smith. Mr. Smith served on the council for 35 years.
Borden is a community built on volunteerism and spirit. Our rich history is visible through local venues such as Carrie's Troubadour Shoppe, formally Foster's General Store (opened in 1920), and the Borden Museum, which features a replica of the home of Rt. Hon. John G. Diefenbaker, Canada's 13th Prime Minister. Historic home town of Rt. Hon. Prime Minister John G. Diefenbaker, early 1900's artist F. N. (Frederick Nicholas) Loveroff, as well as political activist, speaker & author David Orchard.
Borden celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2005 with a weekend full of activities. Many local and past residents were here to renew acquaintances and enjoy a lot of visiting and reminiscing.  In that year a 2nd edition of the Borden History book was published.  The book contains a great collection of Borden's history and biographies of the families that lived here at the time.  "Our Treasured Heritage" can be purchased at the village office.