Planning & Development

Borden completed its Official Community Plan; click here to view.  The council contracted Prairie Wild Consulting Services and are still very excited about what this will mean for the future of our municipality!

Currently Bylaws Nos. 4-2017, 5-2017 and 1-2021 regulate development within Borden. 

Residents must obtain permits for most construction, renovation, alteration, and demolition projects or a change of use of land and/or buildings in Borden.  Please contact the municipal office early in your development process to allow for the timely processing of inquiries and permit applications.

Development permits are required to ensure that land use, appearance and design, layout, and overall characteristics of development meet the requirements of the zoning bylaw.

Building permits are required to ensure that construction meets the requirements of the associated bylaws and The Construction Codes Act, which comes into force on January 1, 2022.  This act will repeal and replace The Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act.

Permits must be obtained prior to beginning your development or construction project and often both types of permits are required. Permit applications and fee information are available from the Village Office.

Fences under six feet in height and garden sheds and decks less than 100 square feet in area do not require a development permit.

Please obtain the necessary Development/Building Permits from the Village Office before beginning any of the following:
  • building a new structure
  • addition of a new deck
  • addition to an existing building
  • replacement of existing deck
  • renovating
  • moving a building
  • demolishing a building
If you are not sure if you need a building permit - contact our office at 306-997-2134 or review the Zoning Bylaw. 

Building Permit

Borden contracts its building inspection services.

A building permit application (which includes a set of building plans) must be submitted to the Village for approval prior to the commencement of any building.

Building permit fees are calculated on:
  1. Plan reviews
  2. Number of inspections required. 
On the building permit application, Value of Construction means: the total cost of the building to the owner in its completed form and includes the cost of all building work, materials of construction, building systems, labor, overhead, and profit of the contractor and subcontractors. The cost of labor and used material is deemed to be the current market cost of new material and labor.

To print the necessary application forms, click below:
Disclaimer: Every effort is made to keep this information as current as possible.  In the event of a conflict, the most current forms and/or rates are applicable.